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Remarketing Municipal and Specialist Vehicles



A lot of time and effort is spent on the acquisition of new equipment during the decision making process including tendering, demonstrating, assessing and finally ordering.

We feel that the disposal aspect of most operations is often neglected due to the increasing problems and the lack of resource within most establishments to successfully sell on with a maximum return.

We at Hopkinsons Fairdeals have created our remarketing plan which enables you to confidently forget about the pre mentioned and will ensure a more cost effective and efficient service during the disposal of your equipment.

This then saves the, time consuming organisation, advertising and negotiating effort which would be required to give you probably only a minimum return compared with the Hopkinsons plan for your spent equipment.

In order to do this we need to establish a few brief terms and conditions enabling us to complete this service on your behalf.

This could result in you selecting either our remarketing route or indeed one of our 4 live auctions annually. Either way the decision is always yours.


These take place every 4 - 6 weeks alongside our traditional web marketing business and regular direct marketing mail shots. Thus encouraging overseas interest.

Live Auctions - Quarterly

After the 4 - 6 week period we would request your permission to put your equipment through the auction until which time we would endeaver to continue to sell the equipment on your behalf.


Refurbishment cost will be charged at cost in order for us to achieve the best possible price for your vehicle, this could include exchanging add ons such as bin lifts / snow ploughs etc.

This percentage will be calculated from the price inclusive of any additional requirements such as L.O.L.E.R, MOT paint etc, which have been pre agreed with your representative and confirmed by letter / e-mail.

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